CERE has an Advisory Board whose main objective is to provide advice and guidance. Members of the advisory board will consist of dean of engineering, head of mechanical engineering department, director of CERE, faculty members who are active and have expertise in energy research, representatives from the energy industry in Gaza, researchers from international and regional universities, and representatives of funding bodies.

Current members of the advising board include:

  1. Khalil El Astal / Dean College of Engineering / IUG
  2. Sadeq Abd Elal / Head Mechanical Engineering Department / IUG
  3. Mohammad Abuhaiba / Mechanical Engineering Department / IUG
  4. Taleb Alrayyes / Mechanical Engineering Department / IUG
  5. Moayed El Mobyad / Electrical Engineering Department / IUG
  6. Raya AL Dadah / Birmingham University / UK
  7. Ahmed ElFarra / Senior National Program Officer, Head of UNIDO Palestine Office
  8. Rafiq Maliha / Director of Gaza Electricity Generating Plant
  9. Bassem EL Ashi /
  10. Hazem El mashharawi