Who We Are?


Mission Established in 2020, the main drive behind the center of excellence, CERE, is to promote research and development projects in clean energy technology. The center is aiming to be a hub for people interested in participating in energy research projects and activities.

The transfer of knowledge and the creation of research and development culture among both undergraduate and graduate students is a key goal of the center.

CERE will act as bridge between researchers, local businesses, and relevant stake holders. This will ensure a problem-oriented energy research in Gaza strip-Palestine.


Organizational Structure

CERE operates under the supervision and sponsorship of the Faculty of Engineering at the Islamic University of Gaza. The Centre’s director will manage and supervise the daily activities of the center. The Director reports directly to the Faculty of Engineering dean. An Advisory Board will support the Director and the Centre. The Director will be responsible for supervising the day-to-day activities of CERE, the overall direction of the Centre’s program and the management of Centre’s resources. The Director might be also responsible for the direct operation of a specific program. In addition, the director will be a member of Advisory Board.


CERE has an Advisory Board whose main objective is to provide advice and guidance. Members of the advisory board will consist of dean of engineering, head of mechanical engineering department, director of CERE, faculty members who are active and have expertise in energy research, representatives from the energy industry in Gaza, researchers from international and regional universities, and representatives of funding bodies. Current members of the advising board include:

  1. Khalil El Astal / Dean College of Engineering / IUG
  2. Sadeq Abd Elal / Head Mechanical Engineering Department / IUG
  3. Mohammad Abuhaiba / Mechanical Engineering Department / IUG
  4. Taleb Alrayyes / Mechanical Engineering Department / IUG
  5. Moayed El Mobyad / Electrical Engineering Department / IUG
  6. Raya AL Dadah / Birmingham University / UK
  7. Ahmed ElFarra / Senior National Program Officer, Head of UNIDO Palestine Office
  8. Rafiq Maliha / Director of Gaza Electricity Generating Plant
  9. Bassem EL Ashi /
  10. Hazem El mashharawi


CERE offers the following services to the local community in Gaza Strip:

  • Research, Development, and Innovation
  • Knowledge and Technology Transfer
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Energy Auditing


CERE has access to facilities such as:

  • Fully instrumented wave to energy station
  • Simulation lab
  • Measurements lab
  • Thermal science lab
  • Fluid mechanic lab