1. Wave to energy

The kinetic energy of sea surface waves can be converted into useful work such as electricity generation. The potential for extracting energy from waves is considerable. Using waves as a source of renewable energy offers significant advantages over other methods of energy generation such as solar or wind. Some of these advantages include higher energy density. Another advantage is that wave power devices can generate power up to 80% of the time (day and night), compared to 20-40% of the time for wind turbines and solar panels.
Wave Energy Research Group

Wave energy research group is the biggest group in CERE. The group has long been involved in the field of extracting energy from sea waves. The team includes engineers and researchers from different disciplines. The group uses advanced mathematical tools, simulation and modelling software to design highly efficient wave to energy converters. The researchers are also interested in the economics of wave energy. The ultimate goal is to find economical ways of generating wave energy on a large scale.

Wave to Energy converter

The most valued asset of the wave energy research group is the wave to energy pilot station that is able to produce up to 10 kW. This station acts as research facility and monitoring station for center staff, external researchers and both graduate and undergraduate students.